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Welcome to Maritime Education Services, where students receive a rewarding education at an affordable cost. Located on Phuket Island, we can be found in the southern part of Thailand only fifteen minutes away from the airport. We pride ourselves on being the number one Asian maritime academy, offering amazing services through our strong team of instructors.

Our entire staff is dedicated to giving students the best maritime education possible preparing them for their future journeys at sea. Our hopes are that they will find suitable jobs that they enjoy and value upon obtaining their license. We at Maritime Education Services do everything in our power to prepare our students for future interviews as well as give them advice on things to look for when searching for possible career options. Our main goal is to equip our students will the necessary resources and tools to be successful individuals and contributors to the community.

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Our Services

Maritime Education Services is Asia’s only academy offering MCA accredited training courses for Super Yacht and Oil Rig crews. Our services are challenging, but rewarding, offering students everything they need to know in order to successfully complete their STCW course. Our courses range from STCW 2010 Basic Safety Training to the Deckhand Course for Stewards/Stewardess. Our most popular course is STCW 2010 and our refresher courses.

We take pride in our excelling instructors who equip students with the necessary knowledge, experience, and certifications to be successful in this industry. Not only this, but our instructors also help students search for jobs and prepare for interviews. Dedicated to helping students land their dream job, all of our instructors serve as mentors and helping hands. Together, instructors and students build fond memories, while developing the skills and confidence a job at sea requires. This journey is life changing and we hope to be a part of it with you!

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A few of the many topics covered at our training center include:

  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF)
  • Elementary First Aid (EFA)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)
  • Ship Security and Awareness (SCA

As you can see, our number one priority is to keep our students safe and protected. We take safety procedures very seriously to keep you and passengers free of harm. In addition, our services teach our students adequate terminology, etiquette, and life on board. With our personal survival techniques, stcw refresher courses, and safety protocols, our students leave our training center with a basic understanding of what it is like to work as part of a superyacht crew.

Our training and refresher courses include the following:

  • STCW Refresher Course: Super Yacht Crew
  • CMT: Crowd Management Training Course
  • DSS: Deckhand – Steward/Stewardess Course
  • STCW 2010: Basic Safety Training Course
  • STCW Refresher Course: Oil & Gas Rig Crew

Most of our course can be completed in under a week and our students have the luxury of staying in one of the villas provided by us. Our selected 5-star villas have amazing amenities and a great selection of food for our students to enjoy. Maritime Education is also flexible with our student’s schedules. We understand that you are busy individuals, consequently, we do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Superyacht Maritime Training Academy in Asia

Contact Us

We are thrilled to get to know you, your goals, and your aspirations in life. With the variety of specialized programs offered, you will leave our training center with a complete understanding of how to be prosperous in this industry, but most importantly, you will leave with your STCW license.

Our experienced instructors are excited to meet you and guide you through this exciting journey. We understand an opportunity such as this one does not come often, which is why we want you to take advantage of it. Give us a call to discuss our different pricing options and course availability.

Our STCW courses, refreshers, and Yacht Stewardess will better prepare you for your future. Don’t let any more time pass; pursue your dream career! We hope to see you on our training site soon and look forward to working with you! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by calling our office or you can also reach us by email.